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The best books for students

Reading books is not everyone’s favorite activity, but it is if it helps you! With our selection of books you can easily survive your holiday and stimulate yourself to develop. Reading books can’t just be fun. It is healthy and has many well-proven effects on your student brain.

Why is reading books good for you as a student?

Reading books gives your brain the opportunity to rest, even though you might think it doesn’t. Reading books gives you the opportunity to think about nothing but the book for yourself. It gives you peace of mind, but reading books can also have other effects for you as a student. For example, reading books can stimulate your brain to remember tasks and texts more easily, which is super useful for exams. Your brain won’t be as lazy as it used to be. It also has a positive effect on your vocabulary. Books contain a lot more variety of words that you will probably never have used. Students who read books suffer less from dementia later in life.

In addition, you will always be able to have a chat with other students about the texts you have been reading in your book!

All advantages at a glance:

  • It helps relax your brain.
  • You learn to remember texts and tasks more easily.
  • Your vocabulary is increasing.
  • As a student you have less chance of developing dementia in your later years.
  • You have something to talk about

When can I read a book?

This question seems trickier than it is and you probably won’t like the answer, but you can read your book whenever you want. It seems very difficult to find a time to read your book, but teach yourself to read a book before sleep. Reading a book before bed is one of the best times to read a book as a student. It helps you relax, but it also allows you to say goodbye to all the electronics. Delicious!

Bored you? Then grab a book! Before you know it, the hours will fly by and you’ve done something good for yourself. Skip that Netflix marathon ;).

When you can read a book:

  • In the train.
  • Before going to sleep.
  • Use as a replacement for Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, gaming etc..
  • In the morning.
  • In the evening.
  • In your breaks.

What is the best time to read a book?

Many students will be shocked by this, but getting up early to read a book is the best time. This is because you just woke up and your brain is charged to remember everything you read more easily.

The two other options are to read your favorite book in the afternoon or just before going to sleep. Why in the afternoon? Because then you can take a break from the hustle and bustle around you.

What are the best books to read as a student?

Now you must be asking yourself what the best books are. Below we describe various books that will help you as a student to develop yourself.

1. Master Your Mindset

Master Your Mindset is a winner! It has many sales and is also one of our favorite books. It will help you develop yourself as a student, both personally and financially.

This book will help you make the most of your life. Not sure what to do after you graduate? Then this recommendation will certainly help you with that!

2. Think Rich and Grow Rich

This has been one of the best sellers worldwide. This book helps everyone, including students, to get the most out of their lives. Does it sound double? No! This book takes a different approach than the other books and it has not been a best-seller for nothing.

This book tries to inspire you to set goals for yourself. And this is not the only thing. It tries to stimulate you to actually achieve your goals! Some readers of the book experience results within weeks.

3. The noble art of not giving a fuck

From a well-known blog to one of the most popular books in the South Africa. This book does it the other way around. Your life doesn’t just have to be positive, do it the other way around! And no, we don’t mean that you should start acting negatively now, but we do know what can put you negatively in life.

This book will make your student life a little easier, because it teaches you to live with setbacks and other negative things. It is especially a great book for students who are unsure of themselves, who are not feeling well, or who are easily afraid of the future.

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People

Handy for students who will have to deal with customers a lot. This book helps you as a student to learn all the psychological tricks, so that you can actually subtly control people.

5. You are what you think

Your thoughts create your reality. There is no escaping that, but what if you can get a grip on this? Suddenly you are able to do and achieve so much more. It will seem like a miracle. Learn what keeps you alive

6. The things you only see if you take your time

It is certainly a soothing book. Insightful? Yes! This book will help you find the peace you really need as a student. Getting more and more peace in your own head every day is a dream for every student.

The book provides insight into how busy our brain can be and that something can certainly be done about it. We found it an easy book to read through and the results were certainly not disappointing.

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